Providers offer CPU/GPU physical devices for the Kaisar Network, also known as Containers. This is where the actual usage of the cloud takes place, including application execution and rendering. The purpose of Containers is to ensure a seamless experience in the cloud, delivering an optimal user experience.

Notes on Activities:

  • Availability: Containers must always be in a high state of availability, ready to be activated immediately upon consumer request.

  • Usability: Each Container must have the necessary applications or services installed and configured to allow users to access and start up as quickly as possible.

  • Processing capacity: Containers need to meet specific computing power and graphics requirements to handle the unique demands of applications or services.

  • Network efficiency: Containers must have stable bandwidth and network infrastructure to support high-speed data transmission and low-latency interactions.

Container Selection Process:

  • Performance-based: Containers are randomly selected based on their ability to provide the highest quality of service with the lowest possible latency and cost.

  • Experience optimization: Containers are evaluated for their ability to deliver the best possible user experience, considering factors such as processing speed and uptime.

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