Token Utility

The KAI native token plays a multifunctional role in the ecosystem:

  • Transaction utilities: KAI serves as the standard medium of exchange in Kaisar. KAI tokens are used for transactions within the Kaisar Network and its AI cluster system. Customers use KAI tokens to pay for computing resources, and providers receive KAI tokens in return for offering those resources.

  • Incentives and rewards: Providers, Checkers, Validators, and future contributors earn KAI tokens for their contributions to the network, ensuring active participation and maintaining the system's integrity. This reward mechanism encourages continuous involvement and support from the community, driving the network's growth and efficiency.

  • Governance: Token holders are empowered to propose, discuss, and vote on platform changes, ensuring that Kaisar maintains its decentralized character.

  • Staking: New node operators who want to contribute to the Kaisar ecosystem are required to stake KAI tokens as an initial commitment. In addition to demonstrating commitment, staked KAI tokens function as a safeguard against potential wrongdoing. Node operators engaging in fraudulent practices that violate Kaisar Network's standards or experiencing errors that affect the system risk having their staked KAI tokens partially or completely forfeited.

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